How to Support Students in Your Online Courses & Group Programs
This flash training (25 minutes total) will show you the range of elements you can include in your course/ group program to support your students so they can actually complete your course / program and change their lives.

The truth is that creating an online course or program with just some recordings and a few worksheets isn’t going to cut it anymore. The majority of people don’t actually ever complete a self-paced online course. Let's get you to stand out from the crowd so that your students trust you and return to buy from you again and again.
You will learn 3 key ways you can integrate support into your course/ program for your students. (No, not all of them require you to be live and virtually available!)
You will be given a set of prompts that help you meaningfully reflect before taking action on any of these tactics. 
As a bonus, you will receive a guided meditation to support you in your walk as a heart-centered leader and teacher.